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Radio.B-Zone.ro | Interviews

These interviews, compared to B-LIVE, are broadcast on YouTube, where they remain and saved.
The request of the players on the blacklist is rejected directly.
If you are accepted, you will receive an email at the address specified in the request with more details!
During the interview, you are forbidden to use inappropriate language.
By submitting this request, you agree that the interview (video) be published both on YouTube and on the official website radio.b-zone.ro
The interview will not be broadcast live on the radio station!
Failure to follow the model / application instructions will lead to your rejection by default!
We reserve the right to choose our participants!

Application model information

In the "email" section you have to put your email, it must be valid because through it we will contact you if necessary!
In the "Your description" section you have to compose a description that goes through the following steps:
-personal description;
-by highlighting yourself on the B-Zone community;
Below you have a model application to understand how it should be done! (This model is a very simple one, you can, of course, make it flourish)
Salut! Ma numesc Alexandru, am varsta de 16 ani. Printre pasiunile mele, se enumera, desigur, tot ce inseamna muzica! Pe comunitatea B-Zone, m-am remarcat pentru prima data prin obtinerea functiei functiei de fondator in cadrul 'B-Zone Cargo', urmand sa obtin si alte functii, sa ma implic si in alte proiecte pe care, le-am facut si le fac si acum cu cea mai mare placere! Pe comunitate, sunt recunoscut sub pseudonimul 'Snipi'.

In order to be interviewed by a member of the radio.b-zone.ro team, you can complete the request below!

Read first: "Requirements & Information"

Discord - Radio.B-Zone Administrative Team




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